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Blissful Lies

Blissful Lies tells the dramatic story of five friends who are forced to face truths they never knew existed in people they have known their whole lives. With an inappropriate love affair hiding in the mist, bonds will be broken and lives will be changed. Everyone will be left asking themselves is it better to know the truth, or to live with blissful lies?

“Blissful Lies will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire read!” – Aubrey Jacobs

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“Get ready for the ride of your life when you read this clever romantic thriller superbly written by author and screenwriter Jennifer Brown-Thomas. Her title says it best, Blissful Lies. Jennifer captures her reader s attention in what appears to be an impossible romance. Yet true love and deep bonds since childhood amongst an inseparable group of friends and family make all things possible. But events turn ugly when this close knit group of friends discovers who they really are, leaving an overwhelming sense of grief while yet others walk away in perfect bliss. Gripping and soul stirring; a book that s impossible to put down!” – Author Carolyn Salmon Kazmierczak
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