Most people like to keep their relatives’ photographs or snapshots of rather significant moments in sight. Looking at them is really beautiful, even more so when they are enclosed within frames with a special and unusual look. Quite often, rather than buying a frame of this type, it is preferable to build it autonomously. In this way, it will be possible to create the perfect match between a photograph and home decor. The best support in this regard are the wooden frames, being able to adapt to the various processing possibilities. There are in fact numerous techniques to approach the following imaginative world. Here, then, how best to decorate an interesting wooden frame.

First of all, the first thing to do is to reinforce the frame of your frame. This operation is necessary because it will give strength to the frame and will prevent it from being altered over time. To do so, it is advisable to place some pieces of wood, nailing them to the top. Then you can make the grouting, essential to remove imperfections and residues due to the eventual wear. To make sure the surface is clean, use a little alcohol. Having done this, using a spatula and a wood putty, he begins to restore. When the surface is dry, using glass paper, file and smooth the areas of interest to you. An effective motorcycle technique used is undoubtedly the gilding. It is a procedure that involves the same method explained above, with the difference that after passing the stucco it proceeds to paint with liquid gold.

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Do not worry if the wooden frame has the same procedure for the cardboard ones. Today, DIY is increasingly appreciated, for its originality and for the satisfaction of seeing one’s own work done, it is an excellent opportunity to show how to do the little things and in any case to put yourself to the test. One of these is the wooden frame, let’s see what it takes to make it. Small premise the frame that you want to achieve I have indicated the wood because it is the simplest among other materials such as galvanized, aluminum as their realization involves more work and tools difficult to find. When we go to choose the material for our frame in this case the wood make sure it has the grooves where then the glass will be applied, cardboard pressed with the photo, without them it will not be possible to insert glass and photos, I recommend.

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How to choose and create the right frame for our paintings. In English it says “There comes a time …” and this phrase sums up the desire to express the artistic vein that exists in each of us, going from painting to photography. Thanks to the great offer of enlargements at low cost we want to transform our home into an artistic gallery, showing off our breathtaking creations. In DIY stores or Ikea you can buy flexi-type frames, consisting of a cardboard back and a glass covering it. But I decided to go and see the experts’ approach, so I visited the framer Gojko Kenda who opened the doors of his workshop, explaining the work steps to frame the photos. That day he was just working on the collection of paintings commissioned by their owner, who had changed his house and decided to have all the frames changed. At first I was a little skeptical, but I soon realized that a frame can really “make” or destroy a painting. The framer checks the various combinations of the frames. When the master chooses the right frame, start with the funniest job. First, take the measurements of the picture (or passepartout), then cut the strips of suitable measures in the laboratory. It is advisable to double-check that the strip is turned on the right side, so as not to make oblique cuts in the wrong direction.